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Documents on Irish Foreign Policy Volume II, 1923 1926 (Dublin, 2000)

About Volume II
This volume is a documentary history of the development of Irish foreign policy and diplomatic history from 6 December 1922 to 12 March 1926. As with volume one, few of the documents in this volume have previously appeared in print.
The opening date of the volume, 6 December 1922, marks the official establishment of the Irish Free State under the 6 December 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty. The closing date, 19 March 1926, is that of the Ultimate Financial Agreement between the Irish Free State and Britain. The unifying theme in the volume is the establishment of the Irish Free State as a sovereign independent state in the international system.
The volume includes a complete documentary account of the Irish Free State's policy towards the Boundary Commission that was to redraw the frontier between the state and Northern Ireland.
Particular attention is paid in the volume to Irish policy at the League of Nations from the state's admission to the League in September 1923 and Irish policy towards the Commonwealth, particularly at the 1923 Imperial Conference.
In 1924 Timothy Smiddy was accredited as Ireland's first Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary to the United States of America. The volume covers the negotiations surrounding his accreditation and his subsequent role as Irish Minister to the United States.

Excerpts from DIFP volume II

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