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Michael Kennedy has since 1997 been the Executive Editor of the Royal Irish Academy's Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series.

From 1993 to 1997 Michael lectured in Modern and Irish History at Queen's University Belfast. He received a PhD from University College Dublin in 1993.

Dr Kennedy is the author of Guarding Neutral Ireland: The Coast Watching Service and Military Intelligence, 1939-1945 (Dublin, 2008), Division and Consensus: the politics of cross-border relations in Ireland 1921-69 (Dublin, 2000) and Ireland and the League of Nations, 1919-46 (Dublin, 1996).

He has co-authored Reconstructing Ireland's Past: A History of the Irish Manuscripts Commission (with Deirdre McMahon) (Dublin, 2009), Ireland and the Council of Europe: From isolation towards integration (with Eunan O'Halpin) (Strasbourg, 2000) and is joint editor of The Irish Defence Forces: 1940-49 (with Comdt Victor Laing) (Dublin, 2011), Obligations and Responsibilities: Ireland and the United Nations, 1955-2005 (co-edited with Deirdre McMahon) (Dublin, 2005), Ireland, Europe and the Marshall Plan (with Till Geiger) (Dublin, 2004) and Irish Foreign Policy 1919-66: from independence to internationalism (Dublin, 2000) (with J.M. Skelly).

He has also published numerous articles on Irish diplomatic and political history, most recently an analysis of Andrija Artukovic and Croatian contacts with Ireland after 1945 which appears in Irish Studies in International Affairs. Michael also regularly appears on radio and television discussing aspects of modern Irish history - not always in the domain of foreign policy and international relations.

Michael's most recent publication is Ireland, the United Nations and the Congo, and account, written with veteran peacekeeper Comdt Art Magennis, of the Irish Defence Forces role in the ONUC peacekeeping mission.

Michael has been a member of the Irish Manuscripts Commission since 2006 and served on the Royal Irish Academy's Committee for International Affairs from 2005 to 2014. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Contemporary Irish History, TCD and a Bureau Member of the International Committee of Editors of Diplomatic Documents.

He can be contacted at

Eunan O'Halpin MRIA is the Professor of Contemporary Irish History at Trinity College, Dublin. He is also an editor of the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series. His most recent publications are: Head of the Civil Service: A Study of Sir Warren Fisher, Defending Ireland: The Irish State and its Enemies since 1922 and MI5 and Ireland, 1939 - 1935. He is a co-editor of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy: Volume I, 1919-22, Documents on Irish Foreign Policy: Volume II, 1923 - 1926 and Documents on Irish Foreign Policy: Volume III, 1926 - 1932. He is currently co-editing a study of Anglo-American security co-operation between 1914 and 1949.

Bernadette Whelan MRIA is associate professor emerita of history at the University of Limerick. She is one of the editors of the Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series. She has published widely on US foreign policy, diplomacy and cultural exchange. Her books include Ireland and the Marshall Plan, 1947-57 (Dublin, 2000), and American government in Ireland, 1790-1913: A history of the US consular service (Manchester, 2010). She is currently completing a study of diplomatic relations between the US and Ireland between 1932 and 1939.

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